Clues to the theme

The Theme

Adults try to protect our fragile childhood with enchanting fairy tales and reassuring answers. Then, the day comes when the truth cannot be concealed any longer and we are gently introduced to the reality. Ecology, as usually discussed, is nothing other than another fiction that fosters the illusion that epochal problems could be resolved by minor changes to our lifestyle and social principles. And the concerns of today’s ecologists, such as recycling or energy and water conservation, are no more than minor details of a broader picture that is taking a scary shape. Unfortunately, the childhood of our society is swiftly approaching the harsh moment when it will realize that the fairy tale world is not forever. Human Ecology, that is the large scale human interaction with the natural and social environment, will soon force our species to face the real issues that threaten the future of mankind. This is the subject that we want to address, even if it is filled with unpalatable topics that our tactful society carefully evades. These include matters such overpopulation and consumerism, the demographic impact of longer lives, the interference with natural selection, unrestrained globalization, worldwide pandemics and massive migrations.

Clues to possible photographic subjects related to the theme

Fashion stories could also be set within, or inspired by, the below themes


- The expansion of urbanization and the endless extension of big cities.
- The ravages linked to mass tourism.

- The consumption of natural space like: mega-dumps, mega-airports, mega wind farms.
- Tapping the shale oil with environmentally questionable Fracking Technology

-  Any original  environmental perspective.


- Abandoned factories and decaying industrial towns. (e.g. in the Rust Belt.)
- Production relocation in Asia. The conversion of once productive industrial structures into Shopping Malls.

Identity theft
- Far East dressing style in Western enviroments.
- Western dressing style in Far East environments.
- Cycle Rickshaws in Western cities (NY, London, etc.)
- The penetration of Asian shops into traditional Western quarter (I.e. virtual relocation into Asia of local old residents).


Forever young
- Rejuvenating Plastic surgery

 The making of Peter Pan
- Elderly people dressing and behaving as young people
- Modeling well into old age

Age chaos
- Aging populations (median age over 40 in Europe).
- Teen populations (median age below 20 in Afghanistan, Congo, etc.)


- Huge crowds
- High density human concentrations (e.g. Shanty Towns, Favelas, Overcrowded public transportation, etc.)

Migratory phenomena

Estranged or integrated
- Out of context Immigrants in a foreign country versus their position within their own culture
- Ethnic quarters vs mixed neighborhoods

- Urban gangs in suburbia
- Hell Angels
- Poor immigrants in a reach context
- Trendy people in a poor context

Paradigm shifts

Switch over
- The shift of Power from the West to the East
- Redefining poverty: from food starvation to basic consumeristic needs (e.g. smart phones, cars, etc.)

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