reports of phantom headlights

There are real reports of phantom headlights that appear from nowhere, follow drivers at alarmingly close distances, and then suddenly disappear. An abandoned old circus zoo has also apparently resulted in creepy interbred creatures, one of which resembles a possessed albino deer. At Old Boy Bridge, throw a coin over the edge and the ghost of a drowned kid will supposedly throw it back at you.

Knee abduction loads and neuromuscular control of the trunk both predict ACL injury risk with high sensitivity and specificity in female athletes. Knee abduction load predicted ACL injury risk with 78% sensitivity and 73% specificity.12 Trunk displacement, and specifically lateral trunk displacement, predicted risk of knee, knee ligament and ACL injuries with high sensitivity and specificity in female, but not male, athletes.17 A logistic regression model that incorporated lateral trunk motion predicted ACL injury risk in females with 83% sensitivity and 76% specificity, but did not predict knee or ACL injury risk in males. The mechanism of non contact ACL injury may differ in females and males, especially with respect to the dynamic positioning of the knee, as females demonstrate greater valgus collapse of the lower extremity primarily in the coronal plane.18 Most ACL injuries in females occur by non contact mechanisms during landing, deceleration and lateral pivoting.19 The mechanism of non contact ACL injuries as observed on video has several common components in female athletes: high knee abduction, lateral trunk motion with the body shifted over the injured leg and the plantar surface of the foot fixed flat on the playing surface, displaced away from the centre of mass of the body and low knee flexion.18 21 Perturbation of the trunk, game or competitive situation and another player within close proximity are other common components of the mechanism.18 22.

A conscientious cyclist doesn’t secure their cheap jerseys from china prized wheels with something that a thief could get through in seconds using a pair of nail clippers. On the other hand, what’s the point in investing in a lightweight, carbon fibre racing frame if you have to carry a 10kg chainlock around your waist all day? Investing in a suitable bike lock should be given nearly as much consideration as the bike itself, as insurance companies will take a dim view of a 1000 bike locked up with a 7.99 chain. The advice given by most insurers is to get a lock worth around 10% of the total bike cost.

1 lemon1. Position racks In the upper and lower thirds of the oven and preheat to 400 Put the raisins in a small microwave safe bowl and add enough water to cover by 1 inch. Microwave for 1 minute, then let stand in the hot water until very plumped and tender.